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If you need a version of your website which is optimised to perform extremely well when it is viewed on a mobile phone, look no further than

Quick on the Net Limited offers a low-cost site builder, enabling you create a stylish website for display on the biggest computer screens, along with a super fast website for display on mobile phones.

Put simply, this means that it loads quickly and it is very easy-to-use on a small handset screen.

With web hosting included as part of the service, we are talking about a simple system to develop your new business site for mobile internet browsers.

Browsing the internet on cell/mobile phones and pocket computers is already big and it is set to get even bigger in the months/years ahead. With quick loading pictures and simple navigation, the mobile sites created at have been designed to be fast and easy-to-use on a small-screen hand-held computer or smartphone.


Mobile Phone Sniffer

We invite you to compare these websites on your mobile phone and your laptop computer (or desktop computer screen):

Please note when you view these websites on a mobile phone handset, such as an iPhone, there is a sniffer which will attempt to automatically detect and redirect users on a mobile phone. This means that people using a smartphone device can be redirected to a mobile-friendly version of your website.


How to Create a Website for Mobile Phones

With web templates and web hosting included as part of the service, we guide you through the process on how to design and build a site for mobile phone browsers, to run alongside a website for display on large desktop computer screens. This is all achieved using a single site builder toolkit.

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